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  Self discipline, self-discipline, is an essential habit in life. Self discipline is not easy to have, but easy to abandon. If you don't pay attention, you break the invisible line that binds you.

  I used to separate myself from self-discipline because of desire, unable to extricate myself and immerse myself in my own world.

  It was a June morning. I got up in the morning, walked through the corridor, slowly approached my study, turned on my computer, clicked into a familiar Web page, and began to browse hungrily. I haven't read any words in the seven days' warming up vacation, and I spent it in the virtual online world.

  The eighth day, the first day of the exam. I really don't know how I got out of the exam room and how I finished it. I just remember that there are ugly blanks on the exam paper and blank blanks in my mind.

  That night, I wanted to review the Chinese for tomorrow's exam, but when my parents didn't pay attention, I started reading extra-curricular books again

  On the day when I closed school, when I opened the page of my report card with anxiety, I saw scores headed by "7" one after another, and the frustrated feeling immediately took the place of computers and mobile phones in my mind. I really regret that if I had taken a little more time to read the textbook, I would not have ended up today.

  That summer vacation, I was immersed in the ocean of topics, and my computer was removed, replaced by a pile of exercise books and problem sets. I have unspeakable sadness in my heart. If I don't play computer, I won't fail the exam. I don't need to sacrifice my time for practice! Why did it end today? So many homework, perhaps the whole summer vacation in desperately to do homework! Why should we have known this day!

  Now I am not as naive as before. I know that self-discipline is very important to get an ideal score. So I began to try my best to be self-discipline. I get up at 6 o'clock every morning, open the English tape, start reading in the morning, go to school at 7 o'clock, I can't chat with my deskmate in class as before, I have to listen to the class conscientiously; when I come home from school, I can't open the computer to play CS, I have to finish my homework, and then preview the text. I made a list of the plans and began to implement the above contents. At first, I was a little bit out of control. Later, gradually, I was used to the feeling of self-discipline.

  Because of self-discipline, I have made great progress in my study. In the mid-term exam, I got the top 20 in my class. I'm very grateful to me at that time. I woke up from my desire and achieved self-discipline.

  Self discipline is very important. It's not easy to have it, but it's easy to abandon it. If you lose the ability of self-discipline, you will be attracted by the temptation around you, make some unnecessary mistakes, thus losing freedom and even affecting life.

  Self discipline is what we all want to achieve, and it is the priceless treasure in our life. It guides us to walk on the road of life, and further and further.













  Self discipline is self-discipline. From the big side, it is the embodiment of a group's ideological quality; from the small side, it is a test of a person's willpower.

  Plotus said, "the new master of his soul will always be called the conqueror." Browning also said: "once a person started the battle of self conquest, he is worthy of praise." These are self-discipline in the eyes of celebrities.

  Maybe now we haven't fully understood the meaning of self-discipline, but it is always around us and plays an immeasurable role.

  A psychologist in the United States once did such an experiment. He put a group of children in the same room, put candy on them, told them to wait for the staff to come back to eat, and then observed them with a hidden camera, and found that only a small number of children overcome the temptation of candy. Later, the staff followed up and found that most of the children who did not eat sugar worked in their careers as adults It's very successful, and the kids who eat sugar have very little success, and the unemployment rate is very high.

  Students, it can be seen that self-discipline is the cornerstone of success.

  Especially in today's increasingly developed material life, in the face of all kinds of temptations, if we don't pay attention to it, we will fall into the mire and be unable to extricate ourselves. This is especially true for high school students. Before we do things, we are often under considered, indulge ourselves, and eventually make a big mistake, and regret later.

  So, how to learn self-discipline?

  First of all, we should distinguish right from wrong. We should know what is right and what is wrong. We should think about problems from many aspects. Can not be confused by the appearance of things, so as to control their own private thoughts and desires. For example, whether you can control your desire to speak in self-study class, whether you can abandon the idea of jumping in line when you are in line for dinner, and whether you can always keep a serious attitude when you raise the flag, all these need self-discipline.

  Secondly, self-discipline is inseparable from tenacious willpower. Without the support of tenacious willpower, self-discipline is just a piece of paper. Maybe you have the consciousness of self-discipline, but the behavior is not commensurate with the requirements of self-discipline. At this time, we need strong willpower as a booster to turn our inner consciousness into action.

  Again, start small. Since ancient times, "self-discipline" people pay attention to small sections, and they understand the truth of "a thousand miles of bank breaks in the ant nest". If small habits are allowed to develop and not controlled, they will roll bigger and bigger like snowballs, and eventually cause serious consequences.

  Finally, we should always reflect. Only when we constantly reflect on our mistakes can we constantly accumulate experience and be more strict with ourselves.

  Students, self-discipline is a window, open it, you will not only have the scenery outside the window, but also wait for your success.














  Self discipline is a strange and distant word for me. I often can't do self-discipline, but I also know the right and wrong of a thing, and I also know that I can't restrain my own consequences, but often desire still suppresses self-discipline. I love reading. I can't let go of my favorite books as soon as I get them. I can always see the end and sit all day. If someone interrupts suddenly, I will be very angry first, and then I want to see the following content very much, regardless of the consequences, and try my best to see it.

  Once, I read a very funny comic book, but my mother called me to review, so I had to put down the book and pick up the Chinese Book reluctantly. After reviewing for a while, I can't help but think of the comics that I just haven't finished reading and want to continue reading them. After a while, I heard my mother calling. The chance came! I tiptoed out of the chair, out of the bedroom, into the living room, quietly draw out the cartoon, listen to my mother still on the phone, put oil on the bottom of my feet, and quickly slip away.

  I put the Chinese book cover outside, the comics hidden inside, set up the last page of the Chinese book, let my mother think I am seriously reviewing. I can't read a book well. I'm afraid my ears have to stand up and listen. My hearing ability has been improved several times. Hearing the voice from my mother's room, I put down my new suspension a little. At the end of my mother's conversation, I reminded myself that it was time to put down my books, but there was a small voice in my heart that said, "wait, it will be OK. Let's watch it for a while." I don't know what's going on. I'll wait and see. I'll indulge my desire.

  Footsteps approaching, I quickly closed the comics, put under the Chinese book, continue to review. When the footsteps went far, I took a sigh of relief, took out the book and continued to read. This comic book was finished in fear, crammed into the stack of books, after everything was done, I found that I had been scared out of cold sweat.

  This kind of reading can't make me happy. Instead, I should be very nervous. It's better to review and read openly. In fact, there is no need to steal reading books. You can tell your mother to arrange reading time reasonably. You can also read books at rest time and read in peace of mind.

  Sometimes when I write English, my mother is not at home, and I watch TV secretly. After being criticized by my mother, I began to self-discipline, remind and supervise myself not to watch TV. Slowly, I will not think about TV. First, I will write English carefully, omit the steps of correction, and save time to watch TV.

  Everything is the same, early to do early to play. Hurry up to finish the important things quickly, and the rest is your entertainment time. On the contrary, when you drag and grind things, what you waste is your playing time. It's better to finish it earlier than to have more playing time. Or you can write a time plan for yourself. When you have finished all the work in one day, you can enjoy yourself. Why not?